Racing Rules of Sailing

The racing rules of sailing are used all the time while you sail and race the IDRA 14 or any boat for that matter. With that in mind it's important to be familiar with them.  If you're new to sailing part 2, when boats meet, of the rules is a must read. If youre not new it's good to brush up on the rules now and then. Remember they change every 4 years with each new Olympic cycle.

For the latest racing rules check out World Sailings website

World sailing also produces a case book for rule interpritations. For those of you really interested you can read all about it below

The case book for 2021-2024

The better you understand the rules, the bigger your tactical advantage. is an indispensable resource for sailors, coaches, judges and other racing officials. clearly and concisely indexes the racing rules with extensive references to cases, calls and national appeals.

Race Signals.pdf