The Boat

The IDRA 14 Specifications

Designer George O'Brien Kennedy

Racing Crew Two

Overall Length 4267 mm

Beam 1520 mm

Draft  210 mm

Draft with CB 1370 mm

Mast Height 6480 mm

Sail Area 11.15 sqm

Spinnaker Area 13 sqm

Minimum Hull Weight 147.5 kg

The IDRA 14 is known for competitive, affordable racing, a great team spirit throughout the class and family friendly events.

Despite being a classic dinghy based on a design from 1938 the class has kept the boats up to date. Over the years fibreglass hulls have been allowed, spinnakers have been added and lead in the centreboard and rudder has been replaced with trapeze wires making for a manageable boat and exciting racing for all. 

Currently the IDRA's race from three Dublin bases, Clontarf (CY&BC), Dun Laoghaire (DMYC and RStGYC) and Sutton (SDC). Boats are available in fibreglass and timber from approx €1500 - €2000 ready to sail. Boats can be found for less too if you are prepared to put some work in. Some great example can be found on our restorations page.

Whether timber or fibreglass, boats that are well setup and maintained compete on very equal terms with little to no performance difference.

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