Since the IDRA 14 was first built in 1946 a number of boats have fallen into disrepair. Luckily some of these have been brought back to full working order and are now actively racing.

Please email us if you have been working on a boat and would like to add it, or if you have a boat you are willing to part with for restoration we'd be delighted to hear from you.

14/30 Chloe

Built 1969 by Paddy Hayes in Clontarf for Eric Allen. Known as a 'quick boat', Chloe went on to win three National Championships in her first 3 years with Eric and B. Hurding as crew. In 1977 with T. Dempsey & S. Deane she went on to win her 4th championship.

In 2020 she was bought by Trevor & Krissi Smith for restoration to get her back on the water after a long absence and was launched after a self titled '30 day challenge for 30' was complete. Read more about Chloe here ...

14/114 Swift

14/114, originally "Sea Urchin 3" was the first fibreglass IDRA to be fully completed back in 1977. It was built in record time for the 1977 boat show as the first boat from the mold and was showing imperfections in it's gelcoat.

Swift truly proves that even after decades of neglect, it doesn't matter how far the boat has gone into disrepair beauty can be restored and with a little love, they can become one of the nicest boats on the water. Swift was completely rebuilt and is now serving as a youth development boat in CY&BC. Read more about Swift here ...

14/118 Captain Scarlet

14/118, originally "Bloodshot" was the first fibreglass IDRA to be molded back in 1977. It was built for Dublin boat show but when released from the mold had flaws in it's "letter box red"  gelcoat finish. Subsequently the boat was left unfinished as the hull was pushed aside and a white boat was quickly built and finished the night before the show. Read more about Captain Scarlet here ...

14/119 Crackers

14/119 was built in 1977 by Delcraft in Malahide. The boat doesn't appear to have been raced in the class and after going to Tipperary and Waterford through various owners she ended up in Courtmacsherry, Cork to be used as a fishing boat. Read more about Crackers here ...

14/128 Dr JP Frog

14/128 was built in 1978 by Delcraft in Malahide, Dublin. 

This boat has had extensive work done so be warned this one has quite a few pictures

 Read more about Dr JP Frog here ...

14/142 Cheeky Gin

14/142, originally “Adventure” later "Cheeky Gin & "Cazoo" was built by Delcraft for the Adventure Club based in SDC. Cheeky Gin spent most of it's life as a training boat, not always an easy life.

In 2017 she was bought by a group of sailors in CY&BC who restored her to be used as a group training boat available for new club members to learn to sail and race. Read more about Cheeky Gin here ...

14/166 Wicked Sadie

14/166 was a project that was undertaken by a group of enthusiasts at Clontarf Yacht & Boat club. A wooden IDRA hadn't been built in decades! The project started in February of 2013 finishing in 2016 and has been recorded photographically and in a series of updates which are available below.

 Read all about Wicked Sadie here